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By analyzing some historical data, we can find that the number of green railings on the east-west axis of ancient cities is much more than that of the north-south axis, which means the transformation of the main axis in the urban landscape.


Qingshi railings rarely enter the city outside the city. The Qingshi railings form a continuum outside the city, showing a special landscape, and its influence on the whole city image can not be underestimated.

As a small editor, I think that the following conclusions can be drawn from different types of Qinghua railing and the number and spatial distribution of different types of railing in different periods.


Generally speaking, somewhere to appraise the granite railings of the higher level, the current regime more direct, public support is stronger, the Yun social situation more positive, more in the form of a grand. In the process of urban order construction in a city somewhere, there is a clear tendency to make use of the bluestone railings to construct the space organization.


As a system and other facilities in the city, the Qingshi railings jointly shape the orthodox values, as well as the propitious and positive urban features. The balustrade of the stone has gone into the eyes of the people.



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